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A burden of many #NETCONF articles and tutorials is that they are often silent about the #YANG part. This is why we would like to highlight this post by Michael Kashin called ""Getting Started With NETCONF and YANG"" [1]. Not only this article covers the basics of network elements configuration via NETCONF (particularly via python ncclient module [2]) but also extends to the YANG models definition with practical examples.

Michael uncovers how heavily NETCONF relies on YANG models, how one can download models straight from a network element itself and how to repsent YANG models in a human-readable tree-view with pyang [3] support.

In its closing you'll see a little bit more advanced technique of building a python module based on the downloaded YANG models. Later this python module is used to create a configuration XML delivered via NETCONF to the network element resulting in a configuration change.

And if you are intereseted in NETCONF, make sure to check a NETCONF package for ATOM [4] which allows you easily compose and deliver NETCONF commands to the network elements and the Yang-Explorer tool to visually examine YANG models [5]

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