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For many years Alcatel-Lucent’s documentation was all about authorized personnel only. All of it. And not so long ago ALU opened a considerable part of its documentation portfolio to everyone via its support portal!

This portal internally is the same support portal available at domain though styles are now aligned with Nokia brand-kit. And being the same means that it is often slow in response, old-fashioned in UI and demands too much clicks and scrolling from you.

I hope that one day our documentation portal will be redesigned from ground up in a way that it would match current UX/UI patterns. In the meantime I took a humble attempt to make it a little bit more engineer-friendly.

That’s how I ended up with two projects:

  • Web library with direct links to Nokia’ product documentation — NokDoc Lib
  • And the CLI tool to fetch links to documentation and download it — NokDoc CLI Tool

NokDoc Library

NokDoc Lib is a documentation catalog with most recent releases for various products (narrowed down to ION portfolio) built with lightweight and adaptive framework. It is mobile & tablet friendly.

Buttons under product family will redirect you to a simple table with documentation set for that particular release of a chosen product. On the far right side of the table you see direct links to the various documentation formats. Basically it is just another display style for the same results you see on

And if it is the same results what are the benefits?

Why NokDoc Lib?

  • User experience should be better: no scrolling in tiny select windows with dozens of products.
  • It is lightweight and thus quicker
  • It can be browsed with mobile devices (phones, pads)
  • HTML page with documentation set can be downloaded via simple Ctrl+S, stored and shared

In short, it saves me time by being like ION-tailored documentation library that is fast, simple and mobile-friendly. I hope it would save you time as well.

NokDoc Lib FAQ

Is it available for non-Nokia people?

Yes, the documents that have no “lock” icon in the Doc. ID field are open by Nokia and can be viewed/downloaded without logging in (and vice versa).

What if I don’t see a specific product in the list?

The idea is to keep this library ION-centered, so drop me a letter if some ION product is missing.

I see new doc on official support portal and can’t see it on NokDoc Lib.

At this time adding new documentation to the catalog needs some manual intervention, so no real-time syncing possible at this time. Though if you see that weeks later from the release date doc is still missing in the Lib, write me a letter.

NokDoc CLI Tool

What powers NokDoc Lib is NokDoc CLI Tool which generates these HTML pages with table of documentation articles.

Detailed documentation of NokDoc CLI installation and usage guides can be found in its GitHub repo

Main features of NokDoc are:

  • Generate static HTML pages with links to official documentation articles for chosen product/release as can be seen here.
  • Automatically request documentation collection generation and download it upon readiness. Currently feasible for Nuage products only.

Roman Dodin

Network engineer at Nokia
Eagerness to learn multiplied by passion to share.
You can reach me at LinkedIn

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