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It is remarkable how quickly technology giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others became newsmakers No1 in the networking area. Seriously, for 5 breaking news from these guys its only 1 serious announcement from vendor-camp. Keeping the ratio in favor of tech giants meet the roundup of the recent Facebook' even called Disaggregate: Networking. [1]

Last week Facebook held an invitation-only party with very few companies onboarded, among which were Barefoot, Apstra, Canonical and Cumulus. At Facebook, we build our data centers with fully open and disaggregated hardware. This allows us to replace the hardware or the software as soon as better technology becomes available. Because of this, we see compute, storage, and networking gains that scale with our business. We spoke about our latest networking hardware and software — including Wedge 100, Backpack, Voyager, FBOSS and OpenBMC.

As you see, the key topic of this event was disaggregation between software and hardware components. I urge you to watch the keynote video as it lays out the vector of the whole event and helps one to understand why disaggregation was mandatory to large-scale companies like FB.

Here is the list of the talks happened there:
– Managing a Hybrid Network [by FB] (Don't spend too much time on this talk, it is about Robotron tool, which is much better explained in this deicated article [2])
– Wedge100 and Backpack: From the Leaf to the Spine [by FB]– Why Forwarding Planes will be Programmable: New Paradigms and Use Cases in Networking [by BAREFOOT] (exceptional talk by Barefoot on what is P4 programmable chip and its benefits)
– Open Networking Landscape Overview [by BigSwitch]– Disaggregating The Network OS With Ubuntu [by Canonical]– OpenBMC: An Open Software Framework for BMC [by FB]– Experiences Deploying Disaggregated Solutions [by Cumulus]– The Disaggregated Network Stack [by Snaproute]– Making Open Networking Easy to Build, Deploy and Operate [by Apstra]– Voyager: Opening Layer-1 [by FB]– Network Emulation: Testing Switch Software at Scale [by FB]

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