Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) virtual 7750 SR (vRR/vSR, TiMOS) first boot provisioning

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I advertised to you recently another great virtual lab environment – Unified Networking Lab – with tools like that one I practiced the cool technologies of Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing platform and prepared to many certification exams. And I encourage you to go the same way, not just read the books and force the dumps, but actually build a topology and walk through interesting scenarios.

If you boot a Cisco router like 7210 one, or even Juniper vMX, you could configure some interfaces, protocols and so on right away. With Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR this approach doomed to fail, you should know how bring to life 7750 virtual Service Router (vSR) once you booted it before any further configuration steps.

And this short post will be just about that, what should you configure on 7750 SR after the first boot to make it running with Unetlab or GNS3?  


Unified Networking Lab for Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent), Juniper, Cisco and many more…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away engineers hunted eBay for used routers to meet their demand for home labbing. Rack-rental services were kings and an ability to run cisco ios under dynamips felt like pure magic. Those dark days are gone… Thanks to massive eruption of virtualization technologies.

In this topic I will introduce you to Unified Networking Lab (UNL) – web-based tool which is capable to run so many images in a so convenient way that you might read this whole topic with your jaw opened.

Want to know how to run Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent, F5, Vyatta, Mikrotik and dozens of other networking OSes? You came to the right place.

This post is the most popular one at this blog, it outstands other topics by far and the reason is simple — UNL is a solid tool that helped many of us to reach our goals and it was completely free.

At this moment UNL team is looking for our help in their pursuit of making a better product — EVE-NG — which is an evolution of UNL and has a lot of planned improvements and new features. For a complete list of features and a demo of EVE refer to their campaign on Indiegogo.

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